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In today’s highly demanding and interactive nature of social relationships, it can be difficult for people with social anxiety to feel comfortable in environments, situations, and settings that place them outside of their comfort zone. This app functions as a place to
socialize with others, but specifically caters to issues faced by those with social anxiety and their preferences. 

People dealing with social anxiety are afraid to voice their social preferences in fear of being a burden in social relationships. This causes them to skip out on hangouts or feel ostracized within their friend groups.
Create an application that allows people to openly voice their social preferences and make plans centered around these guidelines. It allows for optimal inclusion and promotes those feeling socially anxious to put themselves out there.



In order to understand the perspective of the target audience, I reached out to and interviewed 10 different individuals who deal with or have dealt with social anxiety sourced from personal networks.

Key Questions
︎︎︎Has your social anxiety affected your relationships with other? How?
︎︎︎How do you usually feel before going to hang out with others?
︎︎︎Do your friends know about your social anxiety?
︎︎︎Do certain environments hinder your enjoyment in social situations?


︎︎︎Many people with social anxiety feel ashamed or wary about voicing their preferences to their friends in fear or ruining the fun or hindering people's plans.

︎︎︎Some of the key areas where people feel social restrictions include, location, number of people in friend group, distance from home, and time spent outside/away from home.

︎︎︎ Despite stereotypical beliefs, people with social anxiety feel left out of gatherings and are also looking to make new friends, but just at their own pace and within their comfort zone.


Your space to list any of your social preferences that your friends can see choose to make plans with you accordingly.


Collective list of current friends along with a way to add new friends based on name or suggestions.


Chat with your friends, create groups, and make plans easily through the chatting function.


Keep all of your plans organized through an in-app calendar system. View details and add new plans when necessary.

User Testing

I tested this prototype with a group of 12 different individuals, 10 of which deal with social anxiety. The other 2 did not have social anxiety, but their opinions were helpful in understanding how the app could be used by everyone.

︎︎︎ The visual style, color palette, and font choice were very inviting and made the app feel like a comfortable space that encouraged users to socialize.

︎︎︎ The implementation of the calendar system was useful in being able to keep all of the plans in one space.

︎︎︎ The elements within the profile section were specific enough for the user to create a tailored profile to themselves.