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This book focus on the collection of posts on the @hypebeastdrops Instagram account inspired by the rising popularity of the subculture and my own personal interest in fashion trends.


@hypebeast drops is an account on Instagram that posts new releases of clothing, accessories, and shoes from HYPEBEAST brands. HYPEBEAST is a collection of brands that offer trendy fashion that is sought after by many young people. These fashion items tend to be on the pricier side, but being a part of the subculture has become a hobby and lifestyle choice for many.

Design + Content

The content of the book entails photos, prices, and excerpts from the captions of the posts on the Instagram page that are grouped by category of the product. The book serves as both a catalogue of products and a underlying commentary on the way these items are marketed with flamboyant captions and exorbitant prices. The pragmatic reader might rethink the mindset behind this HYPE.