Interactive Exhibition

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As a culmination of my undergraduate experience, I spent time researching and designing a thesis project surrounding the topic of moral support and the different ways in which we give and receive it. Moral support is often overlooked in our daily lives considering that it is such an ingrained part of how we interact with others. However, if we were to look deeper into how we want to feel supported in specific situations we can better approach our relationships with the people in our lives.

Why pillars?

Pillars, in their physical state, function as a solid foundation used to hold up the structures they support. One can also think back to younger days when we were taught about the pillars of character or religion that serve as core values to live by. When considering these meanings together, pillars encompass the idea of moral support both in terms of the strength and stability required for it, as well as the foundational categories that define different ways we show our care.

The Four Pillars

I created these four pillars based on research and understanding of the different motivations and wants that people have when it comes to building relationships with others. Based on our different personalities, we all require specific actions, words, or affirmations in order to feel supported by others. The visual identity aims to humanize each of these pillars and assign characteristics that align with the meaning of their respective pillars.


To serve as a core informational aspect to this project, I created a website to showcase each of the pillars and what they are. The website includes personal accounts and examples of how each pillar is exhibited in order for viewers to be able to relate to aspects of their own lives. 

Interactive Quiz

For the gallery space, I designed and incorporated a quiz that allows visitors to delve into their own preferences and figure out which pillar they resonate with the most in regards to how they want to receive moral support. Afterwards, visitors are prompted to take and keep the card associated with their pillar to function as a small and personal sense of identity.

Data Visualization

To foster a greater sense of interactivity and truly allow viewers to become a part of my piece, I incorporated an element that allowed people to place a colored sticker associated with their pillar onto a poster. This functioned as both an abstract data visualization and an act of expression for anyone who visited the exhibit.